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Based on humanbeings, scientific and technical creation is the Haisen enterprise management idea
Creation is the spirit and motivity for developing the enterprise, We have set up technological cooperation development with Chinese famous universities and institutes, established its own knitting machinery R&D enter and independently developed control system based on ARM micro-processor. On the foundation of self-research and self development, the company products updated new products with bringing in advanced designing ideas abroad.
Developing and processing:
We undertake all types of industrial control systems and help our customers to draft or involve in research of industrial automatic control system.
Developing Knitting Machinery Control Systems Based on Freescale
Kinetis Cortext-M4 Series Microcontrollers

Product Application:
We have been successfully use the Freescale Kinetis Cortext-M4 series microcontrollers on our Computerized flat knitting machine, Twist knotless net knitting machine, Computerized glove machine and other products, and have been to achieve mass production. We undertake all types of automation and control systems development, please contact us.
Main Feature:
1.The control systems's MCU use the Kinetis Cortext-M4 series of MK70FN1M0VMJ12,6 PCB layout,Have 7inch 800*480 LCD,USB HOST (1.1 and 2.0 Specification)inerface,10/100M ethernet interface,C AN, FRAM memory, 128MB DDR2 RAM,256MB NANDFLASH, FPGA, UART, SPI and external bus(16/8).
2.We run MQX RTOS on the MK70 microcontroller , this RTOS support USB 1.1,USB 2.0 and USB DEVICE protocol stack, TCP/IP protocol stack, MFS embedded file system and SHELL terminal. We also developed HS/GUI and HS/NFFS components,These components implement mechanisms relative to streamline and the two components accounted for only about 50KB code size,the HS/GUI on the MQX RTOS makes the interface beautiful and fast,very suitable for use in the field of industrial control.
3.Use a single MCU to achieve computerized flat knitting machine's real-time control,human-computer interaction interface,document management, U disk management, network management and other functions to replace the previously used ARM7+ARM9(use LINUX OS)system architecture,reducing the transmission of communications to improve the system reliability,reducing system cost.
Currency Servo Engine Driver:
Application in: Knitting machinery, mechanical arm and assembly line.
Direction control: location, speed and moment of force.
Encoder type: optical, rotary and magnetic encoder.
Main performance: 1. positioning accuracy: ±1/10000
2. speed ratio: 1:5000
3. resolution ratio of analog quantity: 12bit
4. fluctuation rage of rated speed: no more than ±0.01%
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