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High-speed rapier loom

 product description
         HsMax Type using the mature rapier weaving technology of high-speed rapier loom, absorb the most superior intermediate beating-up mechanism of the loom and unique sword belt drive technology perfect combination, these have improved the newest loom weaving production. Its very strong fuselage structure to ensure the stability of the high and low vibration to the machine, all of these make it easy to weaving a variety of heavy duty or other kinds of fabrics in need.
Performance: high speed, high quality fabric, high efficiency
Total cost of ownership: low energy consumption, less maintenance, spare parts cost is low
Investment: low investment, quick returns, long running life
Simplicity: easy to operate, fast change of varieties, wide adaptability
Super motor
Weft insertion driver
High strength aluminum alloy wheel
pacing of warp
Machine Configuration
Width: 190, 210, 220, 210 centimeters (narrow), 340, 360 cm (wide)
Shrinkage: 70 cm (narrow) 90 cm (wide)
Loom drive: switch reluctance motor direct drive Lord
Speed: design top speed of 750 r/min, and economic speed of 550-600 revolutions per minute) (190)
Weft insertion rate: up to 1425 m/min
Yarn count range: spun yarn: 200 - Nm Nm3 (120-1.8) Ne Ne
Filament: 22 den - 3000 den dtex dtex (25-3300)
Weft selection: - 8 color or different yarn specification any programming
Weft monitoring: 6 or 8 hole double weft weft detector
Shedding mechanism: STAUBLI2658 electronic rotary dobby, can match up to 20 pieces of heald frame
Tappet system (optional) jacquard tape (optional)
Beating-up mechanism: medial to the fuselage, two groups of conjugate CAM beating-up mechanism (narrow)
Located in the fuselage closed three groups of conjugate CAM beating-up mechanism (wide)
Weft insertion mechanism: the unique space connecting rod weft insertion mechanism (patent)
16 mm narrow band, single hook flight systems
27 mm wide band, flying without guide hook system (optional)
Let-off mechanism:Servo motor control, 850 kg weight tension sensor
warp beam measures device, double back rest system weaving shaft diameter: 800, 1000 mm
Stop device: six columns electronic menopause, 30 mm pitch
Mechanism: the servo motor control, double cloth roller, pressure roller
The largest cloth series of diameter: 550 mm
Closed to large loading device 1500 mm (optional)
Weft weft density: 4-200 / cm
Find weft functions: automatic search weft, closed shed positioning control system
Scissors, cut, mechanical shearing mechanical weft
Network interface, Ethernet, USB, serial interface
Other features: network group control, remote diagnosis (optional)
Water cooling system (optional)
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