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HS -122SHP Computerized Horizontal Knitting Machine

 product description
Single head double system, the series is equipped with automatic device, scissors, clip yarn device, reducing the yarn waste, improve the production efficiency.
The system is my company’s latest research and development of a high-speed computer flat knitting machine, there is no electromagnetic iron absorption in the nose and the important innovation, make effective knitting speed increased by 20% than the original models.
Using the latest flat knitting machine knitting principle, the system realizes the flat knitting machine knitting, needle, hanging item, twisted flower, pick holes, move the needle, woven functions such as narrowing, basic organization, can be all kinds of knitting jacquard, twisted flower, simple woven applique and local organizations.

Needle pitch
5G 5/7G  7G 8G 10G 12G 14G 16G;
Knitting width
Knitting velocity
Speed of section 10 is adjustable, and the maximum speed could be up to 1.4m/s
Rolling cloth system:
Controlled by stepper motor, with 31 sections of tension force adjustable;
Color changing system
2X8 yarn carrier, lies in the wings of 4 guide rails, can be switched at any location in needle bed
A shutdown failure
Yarn breading, knot, cropping, broken needle, blocking needle, piece achievement, motor overload, shaking bed and head shifting;
Driving-head System:
Servo-motor control; head is drove by timing belt with knitting width adjustable;
Security devic
Emergency stop button, automatic shutdown safety cover and infrared safety protection device
Pattern design

Compatible with ShimaSeiki and other mainstream software in China;

Single phase or three phase capacitance of 220V/380V, which can continue to work after electricity returns;
Flower memory:
256M memory capacity
Material store
USB flash disk
Machine size
Net weight
7”800x4800; TFT LCD; Interactive menu function provides simple input and knitting data.

The performance of the machine
1. Sinker system: adopts unique sinker system to realize ideal knitting effect;
2. Transfer system: compound system can transfer fabric both from back/front and bidirectional simultaneously;
3. Needle bed system: adopts sturdy and durable empiecement embedded needle bed;
4. Tightness control: with 60 stepper motor controls, each for section 0-99 of fabric tightness adjust; optional for special two-section tightness triangle; supplied with required elastic coil tightness;
5. Variable stitch trimming: achieves variability of stitch on both ends of fabrics;
6. Variable stitch: in the same knitting line, stitch variability can be realized by motor control to change sewing stitch size, by which maximum 20 sections of stitch in a line is variable.
7. Newly added variable stitch pattern and stitch trimming function realizes stitch variability at both ends of fabrics.

Matching device
Main roller, simply constructed inlaid device

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