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HS -11LO Full Computer 6 Colors Knot-tying Device

 product description
  Been undergone 5 years’ research, development and exploration, combining advanced idea of knotless net knitting machine from oversea, Haisen successfully produced HS-11LO knotless net knitting machine, which has passed all technical appraisements and tests and put into production for fishing net manufactures to process knotless net in batch.
  The knotless knitting machine, an equipment to knit by twisting way, applies to flat and round knotless meshes knitting. It comprises of electronic control system, controlling frame, knitting operation panel and rolling device. This machine is with the characteristic of advanced structure, high strength of knitting component, high knitting efficiency, good quality and multiple dimensions. It is suitable for each type of knotless fishing net, breeding net, sports net and agricultural net. It also suits to monofil and composite filament spun by polyethylene, chinlon, terylene and high polymer material.
Specifications and parameters:
Motor power
8 main motors, each for 2KM, frequency conversion
Overall dimension
5.5M in diameter and 2.7M in height
No networking features
   Product is with high tightness, tenacity, flexibility and unique crosswise elasticity;
   Material saving and light-weighted;
   Easily apply and dispose;
  Comparing with knot net, the knotless net has solved the problem of high strength loss,
water resistance and consumptions for fishnet yarn and prevented fishing net from mesh
loose after the net is broken. Therefore, some developed fishing nations has applied
knotless fishing net.

Specifications and parameters:
crossing knotless net
Wire diameter
PE 200-400D / PA210D / PET250D
Number of piles
above 0.8"
Wire side
single, double and round wire side

No networking applications
Land application: safety net, camouflage net, packing net and agriculture net;
Industrial application: mining net, metallurgical net and net for preventing landslide and debris flow;
Sports net: football net, basketball net, volleyball net and tennis net;
Fishing net: trail net, blocking net, light seine net, aquaculture net cage and large binding-off net.
Protective net: container net and building safety net.

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